Who's Souk?

One of the biggest pleasures of traveling or living in Morocco is to walk and stroll in traditional 'Souks' or bazaars and hidden stores of the Medina (The centuries-old areas of North African cities). There is always an item to fall in love with and take back home, a unique piece to embellish your interior, an accessory, or an organic beauty product.

We work hard to deliver unique pieces sourced in Moroccan Souks and Medinas to all South-East Asian millennials and clients who love the boho lifestyle, at an accessible price.


The Magic behind Souk Stroll

Souk Stroll's biggest pride is sourcing directly from the very talented artisans and craftsmen and women from different regions of Morocco: Fez, Marrakech, Azilal to name a few. 

We work directly with our artisans to help them grow alongside us as we do. So know that every purchase you make, will have a social impact in Morocco.